Love to move to Austin, TX ?

Here is a few things that people forgot to mention about Austin, TX.

1- Allergy are bad or really bad. The region is polluted by various pollens which trigger allergic reaction to everyone who live in the area.

2- Housing Market is not cheap. To get a decent house you must count at least 800k$ (and 3–4% property tax) while housing construction standard is pretty low (no solar panel, no good insulation, old fashion design…)

3- Horrible infrastructure. The city has only two highways (Mopac, i35) which are always jammed (week-end included). …

Back in 2012 after having recently moved to USA from France. I collected enough money to buy my first high end kite. At that time, the Flysurfer Speed 3 color edition was released. I snapped a 15m from my favorites store in France with 10%. At that time, Flysurfer products were very rare in the USA. And just a couple store carried the product.

Today, after 7 years of fun session around the world with a Speed 3. I’m graduating to a Flysurfer Sonic 3 11m. The design and technology does really improve upon a time (I’m totally independent). The…

If you want an affordable high performance low power computer with a real graphic card to run linux using a 4K monitor. I’ll put my money on the Jetson Nano from Nvidia.

The hardward has 4GB of memory which is not much considering the stock Ubuntu image comes with Ubuntu Unity. This environment is using 2.4GB at boot which is a lot memory, and a bunch of processes are hammering the CPU for no good reason.

The system is configured with 0K SWAP. So, if an application asks for more memory than available in the RAM the system will freeze…

The container technology makes everyone forget that Cgroup allows to limit process resource in the Linux operating system. This guide shows a practical way to limit MongoDB hunger for memory on Linux Ubuntu / Debian OS.

Let’s assume you have an updated system for early 2019. In my case, I’m running a kernel 4.6 on Linux Debian Buster and MongoDB 4 is running as service.
To enable the cgroup we need to install this package.

sudo apt-get install cgroup-tools

Debian, by default, disables the memory controller, we can enable it adding the following in /etc/default/grub.

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet cgroup_enable=memory swapaccount=1

This line…

I created a benchmark to run the most popular HTML parser across multiple platforms (Python, Ruby, Java, Golang, C, Nodes / Javascript, Perl…) to find who is the fastest parser as of now.

This project was created to benchmark the best parser implementation available in order to make our search service SerpAPI as efficient as possible. SerpAPI offers localized Google search at scale and returns JSON response for any Google search (image search, shopping, news..)

The repository is located here.

The methodology consists in parsing a page multiple times (x100) and record the time it took for the parser…

Few years ago, I remember trying to collect images to build an ML application to count the number of calories in a meal. The user would take a snap a picture of his meal, then the app analyzes the food type and reports the number calories. It looks good on paper…

BUT. When you start building real-world machine learning, you realize how much data you need to train a high quality model.

You would need at least 10k images sample per feature. In more realistic way, I would multiply this by 5x between training, validation, dropout… This is a lot…

In 2017, many technological advancement should make the world a better place. I’m not sure if that count but the Pi Zero is pretty amazing development platform. In this article, I would like to cover the “headless installation” because I did not find any good resource to explain how to configure a Pi Zero without connecting a monitor, a mouse, or a keyboard. The lower priced Pi Zero comes with micro USB interface which makes connecting regular USB difficult. You will need to a buy a USB HUB as an adapter which is probably 3x more expensive than the Pi…

Victor Benarbia

Living the American dream in Austin TX, where I'm design automation engineer at ARM.

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